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Amy values her clients privacy and while this list continues to expand her clients reviews include,

“ These sessions help me feel grounded, calm and productive”. 




Like a lot of people, I'd previously had times with difficult sleep or extra stress - but never for very long.  However, I really became disconnected from myself during a long injury recovery, not moving well, feeling constantly distracted, and not breathing normally.  Regaining breath control became a priority, but the typical suggestions weren't helping.  


That's how I originally started working with Amy, after seeking expertise to specifically restore relaxed breathing.   I am so happy with how that's all worked out, I feel like I've found myself again.   As we began with a variety of techniques, I started sometimes forgetting my breath, and breathing normally!  At first for only a few minutes, but then for longer and longer periods, and then all the time.


These improvements in how I breathe have helped me feel more relaxed, more focused, nicer to the people around me, and I am definitely sleeping better too.


To help me realign my whole self: breath, brain and body, nothing I've encountered matches Amy's individualized approach.  Learning how to restore my breath and body movement has been the key part of that for me.

- TDS, San Francisco




I cannot speak highly enough of Amy Naber's unique approach to yoga! Her instructions and intuitive assistance is spot on! I will always trust her to give me the just-washed feeling of completely giving myself up to Yoga! Thank you, Amy! 


- Lelan H.


I received a gift card from my friend for a Hypnotherapy Session and I left beyond relaxed with my own personal recording to reduce stress and anxiety in my life. It has been life-changing. Forever Grateful.


- Mary S.



Amy is an amazing yoga teacher. I have been attending her classes and taking private lessons with her over the past 7 months. She is such a kind and gentle soul. She has helped me in tremendous ways. Whenever I have a private session with Amy, it is so therapeutic. She really has helped me become more in tune with my body, both physically and spiritually. In addition to being so talented and knowledgeable, she has a great personality! We always have a good time.


- Laurie F.



Amy has calming energy and a way of making you her yoga. Breathe is all about centering and genuine, loving guidance from a therapist who really knows how to be present and meet her clients where they are at in mind, body, and spirit. I have taken private yoga therapy lessons and afterward classes and I always feel more centered and grounded feel at ease. She offers a comfortable, relaxing space for yoga therapy, nutrition counseling, and hypnotherapy. Each interaction with her is like a breath of fresh air. She is a wonderful yoga therapist and I would refer anyone new to yoga, nutrition counseling, or yoga therapy to hire her and experience all she has to offer.


- Deanna B.



Amy Naber is an exceptional yoga instructor. Doing private yoga instruction with Amy over the years has helped me reduce my stress level tremendously. She is caring, intuitive, fun and wise. I can't recommend Breathe with Amy Naber enough!


- Paige S.



Ironically enough, going to yoga classes usually gives me anxiety. But whenever I did yoga with Amy I felt like I entered a space without judgment and complete calmness. She corrected my positions with kindness, never making me feel like I was doing it 'wrong'. Her yoga space always had great ambiance, great lighting (important to me!). And at the end of the session when I am in the corpse pose, she would touch my temples which made me feel is her little touches that make her different from the rest. Her warm soothing energy rubs off on you almost immediately!


- Megan P.



I have been taking private and group yoga classes with Amy for over a year now, and she is the best yoga instructor I've had.  I always finish the hour feeling worked out, but also relaxed and refreshed. Her space is very inviting -- clean, relaxing...I look forward to every class and have come so far in my yoga practice from working with Amy.


- Carrie B.