Breathe Yoga is unique because it incorporates SOMATIC, which integrates not only a physical practice but addresses developmental challenges, psychological issues, and general curiosity into a body/mind connection. Amy uses Hatha and Vinyasa Flow techniques to guide individuals in private sessions or group classes through authentic movements that are respectful to alignment and posture points.


Breathe Yoga


Hatha and Vinyasa: uses Hatha and Vinyasa Flow techniques to guide individuals or group classes through authentic movements that are respectful to alignment and posture points


Breathe Yoga Therapy: Amy can also incorporate Breathe Yoga Therapy into individual practice. Traditional Yoga comprises a wide range of mind/body practices, from postural and breathing exercises to deep relaxation and meditation. Amy uses Yoga Therapy techniques to tailor these to the health needs of the individual. Breath Yoga Therapy helps to promote all-around positive health, as well as assisting mental and emotional barriers.


Each Breathe Yoga Therapy session begins with a thorough assessment, including an in-depth dialogue as to what is happening in the body and mind. A variety of techniques will be used including breathing, restorative poses, and meditation.


Breathe Fitness


Personalized: private and individually suited to each client’s needs. Each session is customized with a variety of exercises that challenge strength, flexibility, equilibrioception (sense of balance), and cardiovascular conditioning. No nonsense but not austere fitness training. Amy uses a variety of methods and exercises using free weights, Pilates ball, thera-bands, and body weight to develop a plan that produces results. All Breathe Personalized Fitness begins with an assessment to customize the most productive program possible.


Restorative: builds and balances the body while cross-training the nervous system. Amy's restorative fitness regimens are often comprised of three types of workouts: muscular conditioning, various fluid exercises such as yoga, and rejuvenating meditation or yoga therapy. This type of fitness is helpful to those in need of gentle exercise to accommodate chronic conditions such as arthritis or limited movement.


Unlike most other workout regimens, Amy's restorative “Breathe” approach allows people to self-assess mind and body needs, providing variation and producing results.


Gentle: improves the quality of everyday living. Amy has developed a unique approach to fitness for the older population that targets specific physical conditions associated with aging. Amy provides workouts that are well paced, stimulating, relaxing and easy to follow.





60 minutes/$175

90 minutes/$200






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